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Everyone here is amazing and caring!

Everyone here is amazing and caring! I've been in Blacksburg for 4 years for graduate school and have been going to this office for that time. My second year of school, I began developing severe, debilitating migraines that went unexplained and untreated for months after seeing multiple other doctors, including a neurologist. When I visited Dr. Jacobs' office again with complaints of migraines, they saw me for multiple visits while tweaking my prescription with prism to accommodate the changes they were noticing (and there was no charge for the follow-up visits when my migraines persisted). With their help and patience, my migraines decreased in frequency to the point I rarely had them. Since then, I've gone to them multiple times when the migraines returned and they've always gone above and beyond to try and adjust my prescription and prism accordingly, always with great results. They've consistently been fantastic about working with me in regards to finances and insurance. I am beyond lucky to have been able to utilize their services for the past four years and will miss having them as my regular optometry office now that I'm leaving Blacksburg.

- Tracy W, Google 2020