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Steve Jacobs O.D.

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Dr. Steve Jacobs earned his undergraduate degree in Behavioral Biology from Cornell University in 1979. Enjoying the intellectual stimulation (and lack of true responsibility) that further studies offered, he pursued a Master's Degree in Child Development at Michigan State University (1982), where he met his bright and lovely bride to be. Realizing he couldn't dodge gainful employment forever, he followed his father's (the owner of a small dress store in Brooklyn) sage suggestion and pursued optometry as a career - a pleasant melding of science, working with people, and being one's own boss.


Dr. Jacobs graduated number one in his class from SUNY College of Optometry in 1986 and remained for an additional year to complete a Fellowship in Learning Disabilities.


Fortuitous circumstances and lack of tethers to any particular area landed the Jacobs family in the unknown, but quickly appreciated, wonderful land of Blacksburg in 1988. And, as they say, the rest is history.


Dr. Jacobs is a long time member of the American and Virginia Optometric Associations, and is a Fellow of the Virginia Academy of Optometry.


He looks forward to time with his family, and enjoys travel, photography and sports. He is a member of the Blacksburg Jewish Community Center, the Blacksburg Breakfast Lions club, and is involved with a variety of local civic and non-profit organizations, including NRV Cares, the Community Foundation of the NRV, and the Blacksburg Partnership.