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Anti-fatigue Glasses Offer Relief for Computer Users

woman at the computer wearing blue light eyeglasses

We live in a fast-paced digital age, with increased use of smartphones, tablets, and computers. This excessive exposure to digital devices and the blue light they emit causes many people to experience symptoms of eye strain: blurred vision, dry eyes, and headaches that can affect both their workplace performance and the overall quality of life.

Fortunately, anti-fatigue lenses are specially designed to reduce strain on the eyes caused by the prolonged use of computers and other digital devices.

At EYES on Main in Blacksburg, our anti-fatigue glasses have helped many patients protect their eyes from eye strain and allow them to meet the demands of today’s digital world.

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What Is Blue Light?

Blue light is a type of high-energy light rays found in the visible light spectrum. This frequency of light is also present in natural sunlight and is emitted by screens on digital devices.

The human body needs blue light to regulate its circadian rhythm, commonly known as the body’s sleep-wake cycle. However, if you’re exposed to too much blue light, especially at night, it harms the body’s ability to create melatonin, a hormone responsible for making you feel sleepy. This can lead to reduced sleep and even insomnia

Other Risks of Prolonged Screen Time

Using digital devices can lead to a number of risks for eye health, including:

  • Dry Eye Syndrome: Staring at a screen for long periods has been shown to reduce the natural blink rate, which can cause the eyes to dry out, leading to discomfort and irritation. Serious cases of dry eye syndrome can lead to corneal damage and even vision loss.
  • Glare: The bright light emitted by screens can cause glare, which makes it difficult to see comfortably and leads to eye strain.
  • Nearsightedness: Studies have linked spending too much time on digital devices and not enough time spent outdoors to a higher risk of nearsightedness (myopia) in children and teenagers.

How Do Anti-fatigue Glasses Work?

Anti-fatigue glasses are designed to ensure that the muscles around the eyes aren’t working too hard. This relaxes the focusing system and makes it easier for you to do up-close tasks.

Furthermore, by blocking blue light, they help reduce the symptoms of digital eye strain, the impact blue light has on our sleep and may even prevent insomnia.

But not all anti-fatigue lenses are the same quality. Some lenses might block only a fraction of blue light. Be sure to speak to your eye doctor for advice on choosing a lens that blocks a high percentage of blue light.

Added to this, anti-fatigue lenses often feature other optical technologies to help reduce eye strain. Optical lenses can also be coated with an anti-glare coating to reduce glare from bright lights.

Your eye doctor will prescribe the lenses most suited to your needs, and that provide the clearest and most comfortable vision.

Other Ways To Prevent Digital Eye Strain

In addition to wearing anti-fatigue lenses, it's important to practice good eye care habits like adjusting your device’s screen brightness and contrast settings, taking regular breaks, and maintaining a comfortable viewing distance.

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Find Anti-fatigue Glasses in Blacksburg

Anti-fatigue lenses can be a valuable tool in reducing the symptoms of eye strain caused by close-up desk work and prolonged use of digital devices.

To learn more about anti-fatigue lenses and how to combat digital eye strain, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor at EYES on Main in Blacksburg.