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Dec. 2020 Newsletter: Let’s “focus” on health!

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Yay! 2020 is almost over...

and we're looking forward to a peaceful, healthy and joyous 2021!!! As eye doctors, we hoped "20/20" would be a great time to promote the value of eyecare and market our services. What did we know?? As they say, hindsight is 2020 – which is just what we want to do, get 2020 in our sights behind us!!

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Many diseases affecting the eyes are lifestyle diseases

To move in the right direction, let’s “focus” on health, and (as always) the importance of what we put into our bodies. Many diseases affecting the eyes are lifestyle diseases, including diabetes, macular degeneration, cataracts, and even myopia (nearsightedness) and glaucoma. A new study finds a healthy diet can reduce risk of vision loss from glaucoma.

Food is medicine--but less expensive, safer and a whole lot more fun and tasty. For better or worse, Covid-19 is still on everyone’s mind. By now we all know that masks, physical distancing, fresh air and good hygiene are vital in reducing transmission. What many may not know is that wearing eyeglasses also may be very helpful!! And, the front of the eye itself may be resistant to coronavirus infections!!

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Big news on the Myopia Control front!

As we’ve discussed more than once, myopia is related to serious eye health issues later in life. We’ve learned how we can slow its progression during childhood thru orthokeratology, low dose atropine eye drops, and certain soft contact lenses.

A new daily disposable soft lens, Cooper Vision’s MiSight, is now available. It is the only lens with specific FDA indication for myopia control and EYES on Main is a certified prescriber!!

Set an appointment for your child today to learn more about myopia and what we can do to help your kids stay healthy.

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Double your purchasing power!

Finally, the pandemic has taken a financial toll as well as physical and psychological ones. To ease the burden, the Town of Blacksburg and participating businesses (including EYES on Main) are coordinating to offer Blacksburg Bucks!!

Using CARES Act funds provided by Congress, Blacksburg business gift certificates will double your purchasing power.

Buy a $100 GC, and you have $200 to spend. Combine this with rebates on contact lenses and insurance allowances and discounts on lenses and glasses, and you can be stylin’ and smilin’. Bburg Bucks sold out really fast--but more will be available for pre-order at National Bank of Blacksburg locations.

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Plus some final good news...

We're now accepting the following insurance plans: Anthem, Medicare, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare and Vision Service Plan.

Wishing you a safe holiday season full of love and gratitude!


Dr. G, Dr. J, & staff